Us Final Fantasy fans waited long enough for those cowards at Square Enix to finally remaster Final Fantasy VIII, as they formally announced it during their E3 2019 Press conference with a vague ‘Fall 2019’ release date.

Guess what, Brah? We now have a release date!! As if September wasn’t packed enough as it is, Square Enix has summoned a September 3rd release date for Squall’s classic adventure.

The best part? This remastered experience is live for pre-order on the PlayStation Store for the DOUBLE NICE price of $19.99! You’ll access receive a static theme as a bonus download!

If you’re playing it for the first time or reliving it again for the 20th time, Final Fantasy VIII Remastered brings with it enhanced graphics along with QoL improvements to help make the game more accessible such as 3x times gameplay speed, the ability to turn off encounters, and more.

Enjoy this release date trailer as we finish our Balamb Garden enrollment applications!!