Imagine being on the tail end of a discovery. One that has a past and a present that is somehow connected in hopes that the future is the one we want…the one we need. Back in the 70’s, a soviet engineer at a research base is beginning to understand what is going on in what could lead to a different future than anyone would have thought. Which now leads us to the present where the curious is trying to learn of this base and its secrets.

Features include:

  • Two connected stories set in both past and present. Discover the secrets of the Soviet military research project and uncover the conspiracy. The plot is partly based on the actual events.
  • Mysterious Cold-War era facilities. Explore the secret area and the nearby forest, filled with anomalies.
  • Made specifically for VR. A virtual reality experience with an immersive atmosphere, detailed spatial audio, and realistic interaction mechanics.
  • Complex puzzle design. The game’s puzzles will test your logic, agility and navigation skills.

What secrets will be discovered? What conspiracies will you come across?Who can you really trust? Find out when Proze: Enlightenment comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…