It’s been nearly almost one year (August 28, 2018) since we have been welcomed into the world of the PlayStation VR exclusive, Firewall Zero Hour and it has been one wild ride that continues to approve. But what could be the next phase if you will? What could possibly add to and improve upon the last update Nightfall? Well, introducing Operation: Dark Web.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Dark Web

Yes, you are reading this correctly. New maps, contractors, weapons, cosmetics, and rewards. You wanted new equipment…you got it. How about a motion sensor and instant smoke? If you are level 13 and have 7,500 Crypto, the motion sensor can be yours. When the enemy enters the area, they will in turn have a reddish outline and any ally of the player will have a red marker dot on their wrist tablets. Just imagine the advantage your team can have here or disadvantage depending on how you look at it.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Dark Web

Instant Smoke is also new and can be used in different ways, To be able to get this, you must be at level 5 and have 3,200 Crypto. But think about if your team combined the two as the enemy team would be entering i n the trap you placed.

You also asked for new maps and you surely will not be dissapointed with these. Welcome Newsroom. Taking place in Australia and will have that true Australian feel to it and just be on the look out as you never know what you may find.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Dark Web
Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Dark Web
Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Dark Web

Two new contractors enter the game via the Op-Pass (until October 22nd and then available on the PSN store after October 22nd) Kane and Proxy (available mid-season). Kane (available now) is a former member of the New Zealand Air Service and a master with the blade which makes him perfect for those dark close encounters. Proxy will have the skill of “Eagle Eye” and we will learn more about her as it gets close to mid-season.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Dark Web

Of course, everyone likes a new weapon Introducing the Z1 Reaper semi-auto tactical rifle and perfect for those long distance shots.

And for those that love the WWII era of weapons, introducing the low recoil with high impact damage, the Sten (available mid-season).

And if you like weapon skins, we got you covered with the legendary Jag’s Stalker skin. In order to have access, you must be an Op Pass holder, complete all Free, Premium, and Bonus missions of Operation: Dark Web and also need to have 250,000 Crypto.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Dark Web

But we know you still want more and here you go…

  • Over 20 cosmetic rewards.
  • Trinkets
  • Face paints.
  • Camo skins
  • Op pass holders gain access to Premium and Bonus Mission rewards.

For all you PS+ users out there, enjoy your free Days Gone trinket to make your weapon even more unique.

Firewall Zero Hour - Operation: Dark Web

Operation: Dark Web is looking like another awesome season with Firewall Zero Hour starts on August 13, 2019.

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Until then…please enjoy…