How did I miss this game? A game where you embark on an adventure after you shipwreck with your crew on a mysterious archipelago. This is exactly the type of game that catches my attention yet somehow it slipped through the crack. Stranded Sails by Lemonbomb Entertainment sets you up on an island that is ready for exploration. However you will have to find items such as tools in order to farm, cook and craft your way to survival.

The goal is to fix your wrecked ship and escape the island but you will need to survive first and foremost. Check out the survival features below.

*Build a survivor camp – Each crew member needs a shack to live in your camp.

*Farm crops and go fishing – You and your crew will need to eat. Grow and harvest crops to feed them or fish in the dangerous sea.

*Cook healthy meals – Combine ingredients in order to discover recipes. You will need better dishes in order to survive longer outside the camp.

There are enemies about on the island and from the looks of it they don’t like you being there just as much as you do.

This isn’t just about missing the announcement of the game though. Now we get the announcement for a Signature Edition of the game (Ready for pre-order) that comes with all sorts of goodies. Also included will be a limited-edition that you can pre-order before the release. Check out the Stranded Sails Signature Edition.

  • A region free copy of the game
  • Art card
  • Numbered certificate
  • Art book
  • Enamel Parrot pin
  • Enamel Fritz pin
  • Enamel Anchor keyring
  • Treasure map

All of this sounds pretty enticing for those that like to get collector sets. Check out the below trailer and let us know if you are ready to set sail with this one.

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