In the land of gamers and high scores Arcade Spirits brings to life a visual novel where arcade is still king of the hill. Start your new job at the Funplex and get to know all about the team you work with. Seriously working in an arcade would have been pretty sweet. Choose your own path and find out what all could have been in early 2020 on PlayStation 4. You can play Arcade Spirits now on Steam.



*Play as Yourself – In Arcade Spirits everything is customizable. All choices are reflected throughout both cut scenes and artwork – pick your pronoun, hair style, skin tone, hair/eye color and more.

*Develop your personality – Interact with characters however you like whether its friendship, platonic or something more intimate. Work hard and build the relationship you desire with a total of seven romanceable characters.

*Track game progress – The identity identifier system, or “IRIS” can track your relationship status with all characters throughout the game as well as your personality traits. Are you kindly, quirky, steady, gutsy or basically?

*Protect your arcade – Your decisions will affect the future fate of the Funplex. Whether it’s the relationships you choose to develop or the way you handle key moments of crisis management.

*Now on consoles – For the first time play the acclaimed visual novel with a very positive Steam review rating on PlayStation 4, Xbox, One, and Switch.

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