One of biggest surprises during May’s State of Play presentation was IllFonic’s online multiplayer Predator: Hunting Grounds. This could help with silencing the complaints from Gamers this generation of the lack of multiplayers games from SIE.

Developed closely by SIE, IllFonic, and Fox, this asymmetrical online multiplayer based on the Predator series has you playing as a team of badass commandos ready to command and conquer. Or maybe you’re lucky enough to be chosen as the Legendary Predator with all of their epic alien technology. Either way, blood will be spilled.

While the original reveal trailer gave us a glimpse of what the game could be, Geoff Keighley took to Twitter to CONFIRM that we will get our first look at gameplay of Predator: Hunting Grounds during Gamescom Opening Night Live!

Predator: Hunting Grounds unleashes the iconic creature along with loads of blood on the PS4 in 2020.