You’ve heard the rumors the past few years. WHAT is the next game in the Arkham Universe. We’ve heard everything from a Justice League game to Rocksteady working on a Superman game and even recently that a Suicide Squad game that was deep in development was canceled. Major rumor had it that WB Montreal was working on a Batman: Arkham Knight sequel starring Bruce’s Son, Damian Wayne, has now been confirmed as canceled.

This leaked concept artwork below from ‘Project Sabbath’ depict many of Batman (And even a Flash villain!) in a much darker tone. Gotham would’ve been run down and in ruins. Two Face would’ve been the Judge. Dick Grayson has given up. Bruce is old and tired. Damien would have taken the cowl and attempted to save the city as The Batman. Sounds badass, if you ask me.

The new rumor? The team is working on a Batman: Arkham game focusing on the Night of Owls storyline made famous by Snyder and Cappulo. What do YOU want from the next Arkham game? Let us know in the comments below!