Happy Friday, fellow Persona 5! I hope you’re ready for a smorgasburg of new information along with TWO new trailers for Persona 5 Royal. Here we go, Brah!

Loyal Persona fan bk2128 on Twitter collected all this information below, so thank you for that, Brah.

  • There will be a new palace in P5R.
  • Instant kills will now give you rewards such as personas and items.
  • After defeating a boss in Mementos, you can now hold them up as rather than just killing the sad bastards.
  • Remember how Atlus wouldn’t let you share the OG game through your PS4? YOU CAN SHARE P5R UP UNTIL THE NEW THIRD SEMESTER! Hey, it’s better than nothing, right?
  • Any of the DLC you bought for P5 is compatible with P5R, but will cost 10 yen to unlock. Not sure if this is in-game or real life money. Hopefully in-game.
  • The third semester will feature new scenarios, characters, interactions, and events.
  • Several new locations will be in Kichijoji. A shrine, dumpling shop, incense shop, and a clothing shop.
  • There’s a new bar in Kichijoji that you and your friends can play pool or darts. The darts mini-game will use the motion controls of the DS4!
  • A new character named Jose will appear within Mementos. He will trade items with you, grant you experience bonuses, money, and items.
  • Many new personas will be earnable.
  • Every main character will have a new, third persona.

Atlus also released two new trailers. The first is a 4 minute trailer teasing us with footage of new events, characters, attacks, and more. Warning: there might be spoilers if you haven’t played the first game.

Annnnnnnd Goro Akechi’s character introduction trailer. Spoilers, yo.

If you would like to see the other character introduction trailers here.

Persona 5 Royal steals hearts once again on October 31st and sometime in 2020 in the West.

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