Not yet sold on Remedy Entertainment’s Control? The game has Jesse Faden, Agent of the FBC (Federal Bearu of Control), battling back against the evil forces of Hiss as they begin to invade the Oldest House.

You see Control is a supernatural action-adventure game that has Jesse bending the will of reality to use the environment as her own personal weapon and/or shield. Believe me, it’s as crazy as it sounds. That’s why we’re here today to show all kinds of footage to help you decide if Control is for you next month.

8 minutes of fresh gameplay!

8 minutes not enough? Here’s 18 more minutes of gameplay!

Or maybe you don’t spoilers! Watch the first 13 minutes of Control!

How about a storyline trailer?

Control unleashes the strange on August 27th. Will join in the battle against Hiss?

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