On the day of the 5th anniversary of the release of The Last of Us Remastered you have to wonder if everyone involved with the game had a clue the heights Naughty Dog’s masterpiece would reach. It almost feels like it evolved many of the careers of those that worked on it and created a whole new bar for Naughty Dog to aspire to as they create The Last of Us Part II.

So when it comes to The Last of Us Part II you already know the team is working overtime to not only reach the bar that the original game set, but to blast past it like a Clicker’s mutated head. While the team at Naughty Dog is doing their best to keep the hype correctly in check, that isn’t stopping Troy Baker, the voice of Joel, from being excited as hell about the game.

In an upcoming interview with The Brahs over at Push Square, Troy claims that TLoUP2 is Naughty Dog’s most ambitious game, well..ever.

I can tell you this: it’s hands down the most ambitious game that Naughty Dog has ever done for sure. It’s far larger than I thought was going to be possible.

He also commented on what everyone in the PlayStation Nation would love to know: What is the game going to release??!

I think they’ve probably been smart not to tell us because we can’t slip up and say something stupid. Last time we announced, we slipped. And they don’t want to do that again. We are still cranking on it, I can tell you that much. Where it’s at in development, I have no idea. Everybody feels like it’s broken until it’s shipping, and then when it’s shipping they’re like, ‘We shipped a broken game!’ And that’s the gig of making a game.”

Just know this: When it’s close to being ready, they’ll bless us with that glorious release date so that we may all start out our countdown clocks to figure out how we’re going to afford the inevitable Uber-BRAHsome Collector’s Edition we will all be fighting for.

If you somehow missed it, here’s the The Last of Part II gameplay reveal trailer form last year along with a bucket to catch all of your drool in.