Thank you PlayStation for dropping a new Death Stranding trailer at 11PM on a Friday night! Here I am, working on this article first thing on a Saturday morning because I’m hyped as hell for this game!

This new video focus on Kojima’s best friend, Heartman! This really, really unique character that “dies” for 3 minutes every 21 minutes as he searches for his family on the other side. Crazy? Yes. Surprising? Hell no. Kojima is going all out with DS, Brah.

If you missed the news, Heartman is modeled after movie director Nicolas Winding Refn, who happens to be Hideo’s irl best of the best friend! It pays to to be Kojima-San’s friend it seems. I wanted to take this time to let him that I’ve also directed some short films AND not too shabby at acting. I’m just saying. Anyways, enjoy the trailer.

Death Stranding brings the strange on November 8th!