If the free demo to Blood & Truth was enough to give you a taste, then by now you should already be drinking from PlayStation VR and Blood & Truth cooler. But when you think the action has ended and you are wanting more, help is on the way. Previously, I mentioned some additional bonuses coming our way including challenges and leaderboards, but let’s look at what all this entails.

  • New Game + – play the entire story of Blood and Truth again, but this time with all your unlocked Weapons, Mods and Skins available. Not only does this mean you can hunt for those last elusive collectables and marksmen targets you need to unlock even more guns, but you can also take the mini-gun into the towerblock or your pink camo assault rifle into the casino! Rock it like you own the place and you don’t care what anyone thinks.
  • Online leaderboards – Who will have best score, the best accuracy, and the most blood on their hands? Now there is a way to show why you are the best. But wouldn’t it also be nice to have a separate scoreboard for your PSN friends to show all time or just that week? It’s here for you so week after week you not only prove, but remind them that you are the best on a weekly basis…that is until they show that they are the all time best, so don’t let them do that to you.
  • Challenges – even more challenges are added from the first set including:

Challenge #6

  • Gun: Pump action shotgun.
  • Location: Hanger Underground Storage.
  • Focus of challenge: Perfecting your pumping action.
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Don’t forget the transitional Targets.

Challenge #7

  • Guns: Dual SMGs.
  • Location: Desert mission.
  • Focus of challenge: Fast paced targets and automatic gun.
  • FirePro Tip for a high score: Use both SMG’s or you will miss Targets.(tap into your inner Gun-Fu master!).

Challenge #8

  • Guns: Dual sawn-off shotguns.
  • Location: Work site.
  • Focus of challenge: Fire Discipline.
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Make every shot count.

Challenge #9

  • Gun: 9mm pistol.
  • Location: Underground Lair (HQ Underground).
  • Focus of challenge: Speed and accuracy.
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Watch out for the civilians!

Challenge #10

  • Guns: Assault rifle.
  • Location: Penthouse Lobby.
  • Focus of challenge: Mixing up target distances.
  • Pro Tip for a high score: Keep your eyes and your ears open, targets come from everywhere.

Collectibles – Don’t forget to unlock those trophies! There is a bunch of hidden collectibles around the world of Blood & Truth, including a bunch that reference our previous work on PlayStation VR Worlds. How many of the below have you found?

  • Mickey’s Blowtorch
  • Dangerball
  • Frank’s Cigar
  • Luge
  • Scavenger’s Odyssey
  • Serena (Diamond)
  • Ocean Descent

You’re also rewarded for hunting down all the toys, so make sure you’ve found:

  • Compass
  • Diamond
  • Knife
  • Gnome.

(pro tip: there are actually two Garden Gnomes in the game. One is in the art gallery, and the other is in the safe house. This is the one you need. Don’t forget to pull the level on the slot machine twice… )

  • Whistle
  • Fireworks!
  • Teddy bear
  • Paper Aeroplane
  • Green Army Toy

Pro tip: Remember to check all the vases inside the kitchen…)

Our missions have alternative routes, which you can take with each path offering more enemies (which mean higher points for the leader boards), access to different guns with advanced mods, grenades or exploding targets. For example, in the tower block level you can get your hands on a powerful semi-automatic rifle by using the ladder to get to higher ground. For the fans that are all about accuracy, heads up — there is a laser-sighted revolver if you stick to the left in the underground section of the hanger. In the HQ mission, you can also switch off the lights in the underground tunnels and shoot from the shadows without being seen. Sneaky!

These are some awesome editions to try out for yourself as well as trying to be the best in the world…

But that’s not all as it looks like more dlc and challenges will be coming our way in the future. So make sure you get Blood & Truth out now for the PlayStation VR with a 20% discount until August 20, 2019.

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