For all the slack that Sony has received this year for being absent at a variety of gaming events, they’re about to show a load of content at ChinaJoy 2019, thanks to Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai.

The press conference will go live on August 1st and will run for 2 hours from 17:30 CST to 19:30 CST and will be live streamed on Huya, Bilibili, Douyu, and more services. They also dropped 14 (!!!) teaser images from a variety of games including some games that have been identified.

Juicy Realm


The Welkin World: Rebels – God Slayer

Super Buckyball Tournament

Gods of the Arena

Blazing Beaks

Wonder Blade


More updates as Sony Interactive Entertainment Shanghai teases even more games prior to ChinaJoy 19!!

Shenmue III

Concrete Genie

There is even a new teaser video courtesy of SIES!

Much love to Gematsu for uncovering some of these games/capturing these images!