Today marks the start of the 50th San Diego Comic-Con and to celebrate this momentous occasion the NPD group released stats regarding the best-selling Superhero Video Games of all-time in the US.

The craziest part regarding these results? That Marvel’s Spider-Man is now KING of this mighty hill. Why is this crazy? Because it’s a exclusive game only available on the PS4. Second, because it released in September 2018. The previous champion, Batman: Arkham City released back in 2011, 7 years before Spidey’s BRAHsome PS4 exclusive adventure, on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. DAMN.

Congratulations to the teams at Insomniac Games, Marvel Games, and Sony Interactive Entertainment for Marvel’s Spider-Man‘s continued success. We here at The PlayStation Brahs can’t freagin’ wait for the sequel.

Below is the top ten list, which is dominated by Marvel and DC games. Pretty damn sure this Brah has owned all of these games except for Injustice 2. What about you, Brah?