What do you know of Medusa? Yes, the same one from Greek mythology. You may know of her hair made of snakes or if someone looked upon her face would be turned to stone. But were you aware of the tale of her love, Gaios, and for the journey to undo what was set upon her?

Features include:

• Medusa can turn any creature to stone with her gaze. Gaios is no exception to this rule.
• Gaios can attack nearby enemies with his sword, while Medusa can attack both long and short range.
• When playing with two people, Medusa is controlled via the VR headset, and Gaios is controlled via the TV Screen.
• When playing alone, Medusa is controlled with the left hand, and Gaios with the right.
• Contains six episodes, each with their own unique setting.
• Each stage has a score. Beat your high score by playing on harder difficulty settings. ship of EYLN.

Do you have what it takes to undo the curse or will Medusa and Gaios fate be written of the forsaken doom? Find out with Medusa and Her Lover out now for the PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…