Do you ever talk with someone and think maybe they should be checked out? Ever have that feeling where you could blame midnight for the bad decisions that were made? Imagine being a very well known Psychologist and you have that one patient who just seems to be the most difficult one you ever came across and showing more mental disorders than you have ever dealt with.

Features include:

  • The realistic graphics provide a horrifying and immersive atmosphere that will chill you to the core. Do you dare go in?
  • Haunting, atmospheric soundtrack and professional voice acting will sure to have looking all around you.
  • Explore diverse locations inspired by North American architectural trends from the early 70’s.
  • Walk, examine, discover dark secrets and solve logical puzzles.
  • Descend the inner depths of the human consciousness. Just remember you may not like what you see.

Would you be able to help cure the disturbance or is what remains a secret truly the safe path to take? What experiments would you try and would you try them if it meant finding out the truth by stepping in the shoes of the most troubled? Find out when Rise of Insanity comes to PlayStation VR on July 12, 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…