You have a dream to take your fast food serving skills to the next level. But what does one do when you are the best of the best in your own town? Do you stay and have this automatic fryer of a life and risk it breaking down like a McDonald’s ice cream machine or do you think bigger and look to expand against new people, new times, and new orders?

Features include:

  • Upgrade equipment with coins earned for correct orders.
  • Actual burned calories calculated.
  • Posture correctness with the controller and sensing technique.
  • Complicated orders can cause you to step up your fast food game.
  • Two Modes: In Career Mode earn money to upgrade equipment while completing various tasks and Infinity Mode you will have unlimited time for you to try to get into hardcore beast mode.
  • Online global online ranking.

Do you have what it takes to serve all the hungry customers? Will your orders be correct all the time? Will your global domination of becoming the best fast food owner be epic? Find out with I’m Hungry available now for the PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…