Fans of Kojima Productions upcoming game Death Stranding are so ready to play his newest game that they’ve decided to start making their own versions of it until it releases on November 8th on the PlayStation 4.

YouTuber Hoolopee took it upon himself to Demaster the upcoming PS4 exclusive, as we go from amazing looking character models to what would have been considered amazing back on the glory days of the PS1. I’m not entirely sure how long it took him to create this but now I really want a PS1 filter in the final game. I’m sure Kojima could make that happen. Right?

The Demastered trailer:

The original trailer from 2016:

If that enough throwback for you, then this Death Stranding PS1 Demake gameplay trailer from YouTuber Bearly Regal will have you begging for a retro rendition of the game.

I don’t know about you guys but seeing as how Death Stranding is one of my most anticipated games of the year, November can’t come soon enough!