While at E3 E3 2019 we went hands-on with Typhoon Studios Journey to the Savage Planet, walking away with a job application in hand hoping we will get hired on by the Kindred Aerospace, the 4th best space-faring company in the galaxy. For 8 straight years. But hey! Who’s counting?

Journey to the Savage Planet is a first-person exploration game that has us visiting a planet that Kindred Aerospace thought was uninhabited by any intelligent lifeforms until you discover a gigant tower ascending into the heavens. Your job is to discover what this tower is all about while you traverse this beautiful alien planet, collecting research on lifeforms and hopefully restoring you spaceship.

Equipped with a blaster and my technological advanced space suit, I begin to explore this beautifully vibrant alien world. The game certainly has a stylized look to it, full of color and charm. I soon come upon a group of small puffy alien creatures which I then decide to kick halfway across the screen. After that, I proceed to slap two more of them. Now I have their attention. They come at me, so I toss some of the ‘food’ from my spaceship which distracts them as I escape.

I soon discover a glowing orange gel, grabbing a handful, I digust it. My in-helmet AI warns me of making this a habit. So I naturally continue to eat more of it during my hour long demo until my AI tells me my genetic coding has begun to change. Will this have any impact of my character in the game or is it yet another joke?

I ask that because the game reminded me of No Man’s Sky in a way. No, there isn’t a million planets to explore. There is only one planet to explore in Journey to the Savage Planet that has been meticulously crafted by the team at Typhoon Studios. You scan creatures, adding their information to your database. You collect resources to build new equipment. The major difference? This game is fun! Plus features a cheerful personality to boot. One four-headed creature screams upon seeing you as it runs in fear. Blasting it once made two, two-headed creatures. Shooting them both made four creatures all screaming and fleeing around the planet. Definitely a positive note that helps set the game apart from other space exploring games.

Typhoon Studios has confirmed the game will last 12 to 20 hours, depending on how dedicated you are to being the best Kindred Aerospace employee around. If you’re interested, I grabbed an extra job application for Kindred Aerospace. At this point, what do you have to lose??

Take to the stars when Journey to the Savage Planet releases in early 2020 on the PS4.