The Blackout Club finally has a release date! On July 30th, 2019 you will be able to play the game on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. This co-op game is about stealth and helping each other survive in an environment that wants to devour you. It is up to you and your friends to uncover what is going on in Redacre. The adults don’t believe you so work as a team and find the clues that will lead to the truth. Be careful though because very scary things lurk in town and they are determined to stop you.

I am thrilled this game finally has a release date. After watching numerous videos of people playing in early access I’ve been hooked. Not only is the co-op experience attractive in this game but the horror aspect is something that has me very excited. I cannot wait to scream and have jump scares a plenty when we play this game. Get ready for nightmares!

The Blackout club is available on Steam for a 20% discount right now.