AWAY: The Survival Series glided its way to the PlayStation Nation as part of May’s State of Play presentation of May 2019. You play as a Sugar Glider who must survive a world ravaged by catastrophic storms. If you missed our original coverage of AWAY, then do yourself a favor and check it out.

Many Gamers have asked if you’ll be able to play as other animals in the world of AWAY and today that question has been answered with a resounding YES! This new look at fresh gameplay reveals that you will be able to play as a spider, wolf, praying mantis, lizard, frog, and many, many more creatures of the animal kingdom that have yet to be revealed.

The team at Breaking Walls also launched their AWAY: The Survival Series Kickstarter campaign today, with the goal of $45,489. The craziest part? It went live TODAY and as of this moment, it has raised almost $30K with 29 days to go! The team has to be estatic at this overwhelming show of support for their game. If interested you have until July 25th to pledge your support for this truly unique game.

The last bit of news today reveals the target release date which will be Q1 2020. Stay tuned to the PlayStation Brahs for all your AWAY: The Survival Series news needs!