We here at the PlayStation Brahs had the opportunity to go hands-on with Metronomik’s No Straight Roads, the musical based action/adventure from the lead designer of Final Fantasy XV, Wan Hazmer along with his team of talented devs have brought the highly stylized world of NSR to life.

What’s the game all about?? No Straight Roads is the story of the invasion of Vinyl City by NSR, the evil empire forcing EDM music down upon their peaceful city. Oh yes. EDM music is the ‘enemy’ of this game as main characters Mayday and Zuke are ready to unleash the music revolution of RAWK to battle back against the corrupted army of NSR and their leader, Tatiana. When researching the game before agreeing to the meeting the artistic style of the game drew me in. I have always been a fan of music/rhythm games so after seeing the initial reveal trailer of the game, I knew it was right up my ally. I’m really happy that I was able to play No Straight Roads at E3 2019, as it was easily my top indie title of the show. 

DJ Subatomic Supernova dropping the beats, Brah!

I played our scheduled demo along with Mr. Hazmer (No pressure!) sat beside me giving me tips to enjoy my playthrough even more. We talked about our mutual interest in music titles such as Parappa the Rapper and Guitaroo Man. We thought this might give me an advantage using the parry system which coincided with the beat. YEAH, NO. I can’t tell you how many times I was TOO early or TOO late to parry. Some will say that I was really embarrassed, however, a fellow colleague who also played the demo had similar issues, so it’s comforting to know I’m not the only one whose rhythm was off.

As I continued the demo I learned that picking up music notes acts as your ammo, as pressing R1 shoots notes at the target enemies. When coming upon a prop you can the power of music to transform it into a mighty weapon to wreck your mighty foes with. You can also switch between Mayday and Zuke at any given time, as you mix and match their different play styles (power and speed, respectively). After learning the basics, we were immediately thrown into a boss battle against DJ Subatomic Supernova!! He was loud, he was over the top dramatic, he was cocky, and he was straight up interesting looking. His arrogance was going to make kicking his ass that much more enjoyable.

As we battled on his giant, rotating circular stage giant disco balls would appear, as a result of smashing them they would give us our ammo needed to teach DJSS what music is all about. We destroy his turntable, which angers the EDM enforcer, causing him to grow in not only power but size. He now owns half the screen. The battle continues until we wear him down once more. Then his final form is revealed. The screen goes psychedelic. He begins trying to suck you into his heartless soul as you must escape your inevitable doom while parrying attacks to keep him at bay. Crazy, crazy cool battle. If this one of the early encounters the game offers, I can wait to see what the team’s wild imagination has for us later on in No Straight Roads.

Combine the music, art style, radical story, and simple to learn yet difficult to master gameplay and it’s easy to see why we can’t wait to what No Straight Roads has for us in early 2020.