You want that first place. You want to be the winner. But what happens when someone combines a chicken and an ice cube to knock you off your lead? Yes, you are about to be part of some crazy kart action.

Features include:

  • Merge up to 45 power-ups for your combination discoveries.
  • No waiting times with up to 8-player cross-platform races.
  • Daily challenges.
  • Multiple views and controls.
  • 22 circuits to race.
  • 30 customization cars inspired by Formula 1.
  • Over 400 prizes to collect in story or online mode.

Will you be able to become in first place or become in last in the final seconds? What power-ups will you combine? What could possibly cross the road to get to the other side and possibly damage your car in the process? Find out when Touring Karts comes to PlayStation VR in 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…