We all know James Bond. He has it all. The world’s most hi-tech gadgets. The fastest cars. The most beautiful women. Insane stunts. 24 films in one of the largest connected film universes in Hollywood. The latest film, tentatively called Bond 25, has been hit with a myriad of production problems. The main star, Daniel Craig injured his ankle, causing a major delay in filming. There was another incident when a member of the production crew was injured due to an explosion on set.

Now (according to rumors), Mr. Bond has a NEW Arch Nemesis. THE PLAYSTATION 4!!!

In a report from The Sun via Complex, rumor has it that Bond 25 Director Cary Fukunaga has been having issues reporting to work on time..due to his PlayStation 4 addiction. OMG. The Sun’s source claimed the following:

There is real mutiny right now on the set. It’s bad enough that Cary was so late for filming and held everyone up, but then for the crew to be asked to work extra hours to cover it was just the final straw. They then set up a scene but the director failed to turn up for several hours because he was playing on his PlayStation.

The funniest part of it all? Sony held the distribution rights to the James Bond movie franchise from 2006 until 2015, until Universal swept in and secured them. Sony getting some revenge? Nah. Come on. We all love PlayStation but this story is total bologna. Cary even took to his official Instagram account to poke fun at the silly situation.


What do you think, Brah? Is Cary really addicted to the greatness that is the PS4? Or is this whole situation a big pile of crap?? Live or let die your thoughts in the comments below!