All of us Lego video game fans can admit that the formula for the series is getting tiresome. While the games have always been great fun for any Gamer of any age, things were starting to get rather stale. When we here at The PlayStation Brahs received an invite to see a Hands-off presentation of a new game from TT Games, we all knew what is was going to be. Yet another Lego game. Mild shock!

What we didn’t know is that we made an appointment with what would be the ‘next-generation’ of Lego video games, as Lego Star Wars: Skywalker Saga is taking everything you know and love about the series, upgrading it, then sending it to a galaxy far, far away for Gamers of all shades to enjoy.

TT Games wants to give Players the Freedom to enjoy the Skywalker Saga how they see fit. Want to begin with Episode 9 then jump to Episode 1? Brah. It’s your Star Wars life, we’re just helping you build it with really BRAHsome plastic bricks. The TT Games’ Rep picks his favorite film, Episode 6 (RoTJ) and sets course for Tatooine.

While cruising across the galaxy in the Millennium Falcon we randomly encounter a full-scale Star Destoryer reportedly composed of over 16 million bricks. This is but a small part of the game’s revamped gameplay mechanics, as random battles like this can happen at anytime while exploring the vastness of space.

After arriving at Anchorhead, we exit the Falcon as the major changes to the Lego game formula continue to happen. Gone is the top-down isometric camera angle, as the action is now an over the shoulder 3rd person canera. Combat now features combos required to deplete enemies’ health bars. No more simplistic combat for you, my young padawan, as TT Games want you to enjoy battles in this game.

The detailed worlds of Star Wars universe will be another major upgrade from past games. The sandy world of Tatooine is full of detail as we traverse Luke’s old homestead. You’ve never seen a Lego game look this good. We were told how the Lego games engine has been completely rebuilt from the ground up to give the game a fresh new layer of awesome. For example, our Heroes/Villians slowly began to accumulate dust on their body parts as they explored our favorite sandy planet. Even the Force system has been revamped, as Users of this special power can now use it to hold several objects at once introducing the possibility of more in-depth puzzles to the equation.

Everything about Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga is about evolving the Lego games series to give Gamers a more in-depth experience now and for the future of the Lego series. The Skywalker Saga was one of my biggest surprises of E3 2019, giving me two Star Wars games to look forward to. Come for the Star Wars license, stay for the zany Lego games fun. Use the Lego Force in early 2020.