Do you like physics? Do you like games that involve a paddle, a ball, and the opportunity to prove that you are the most awesome point collector ever all while moving and working out? If you answered yes, thought about any of these being a possibility or just want to prove how awesome you are, then you might want to step up and get in some Slum Ball in.Features include:

Features include:

  • Photorealistic levels
  • Awesome tournaments – prove that you are the best of the best and that everything in your life is for this moment.
  • Fun + physical activity = Fun physical activity that you will have without you even realizing it.
  • Don’t like a certain gameplay or physics…change it.
  • Gameplays include:How many points will you get while smashing water canisters in a sewer tunnel?

Gameplays include:

  • How many points will you earn by smashing water canisters in a sewer tunnel?
  • Don’t like those flower pots that you see, then crush and smash them to get those points.
  • Those paint shop walls that you see are kind of bland so you may want to smash and pain them in creative ways.
  • How is your precision skills? Find out with balls and trashcans in fun photorealistic street levels.

Will you be the King or Queen of the tournaments? What surprises will you find? How much can exercise be fun? Find out when Slum Ball comes to PlayStation VR on June 18, 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…