Having played the previous Trine games in the series it is interesting to see the growth of each game. The first in the series Trine gave us a side-scrolling puzzle solving adventure with the main characters Pontius (The Knight), Zoya (The Thief) and Amadeus (The Wizard) trying to free themselves from the Trine’s effect on them and restore peace to the land. The neat feature in Trine is you play as one character at a time as you try to use each characters powers in order to solve puzzles. You can also play co-op and switch between the characters that way as well. With thoughtful puzzles mixed with mild combat the game performed really well and I quickly became a fan.

Trine 2 followed the same formula as a side-scrolling puzzle solving game with some tweaks in visuals. This time the trio is summoned by the Trine. They discover shortly after that Princess Rosabel has been watching them in order to request the three to save the kingdom from evil. The story is full of twists and turns throughout offering up some of the most challenging puzzles and an increase in the combat. Learning the skills of each hero is certainly a must in this one. Also try as you might the gorgeous colors are bound to distract you from time to time during your play through.

Trine 3 is the first in the series to feature 3D gameplay. I admit up front I wasn’t the biggest fan of the change and I wasn’t alone. The game follows our three lovable characters this time trying to repair the Trine and undo what they’ve done. While the game does indeed look wonderful it didn’t feel as if this was what the fans of the series expected or wanted in terms of gameplay. It is still a good puzzler and should be worth a play through if you plan on giving the series a go.

Now we have Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince. A return to its former glory we are back in the 2.5D land with the three heroes once again. This time they are sent on a quest to retrieve Prince Selius. First impressions from the gameplay footage is that we will indeed return to what made the games so enjoyable. You can see right away how well the side-scrolling works with the puzzle solving. Of course one thing the series is known for is its beautiful colors and that is definitely on full display. We also get a look at the co-op play and if you are like me this will certainly get you excited.

Trine 4 is available now for pre-order and can someone please tell Amadeus to wake up because I’m on my way.

Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince

Release date: 2019

Developer: Frozenbyte