For some of us all we want to do is find love. But what if that love finds you and the feelings are not wanted? ABE is a robot who is looking for that unconditional love from humans…no matter the cost. Originally released as a short film from 2013 and then as a PCVR experience in 2016, it looks like Abe is not done with love as the continuation must continue. And it looks like Hammerhead is about to deliver with a three-part multiverse story that will have a Location Based Experience, the continuation of the short film, and also a game release that can be played in either non-VR or VR.

But what you need to ask yourself is if you can handle this physiological horror? What will become of this fatal attraction? Are you ready to begin? Because ABE would like to meet you. Find out when ABE hopefully comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…