Crime can be a dirty business. Where would the line be before it is crossed? But what if some could not cross line between Reality and Virtual Reality? For the ones that cannot cross and merge with the platform, they are known as low-fi’s. But what is this platform that most are speaking of? It’s the simulation within Virtual Reality where most of the population live. But for the low-fi’s, what becomes of them? Who is part of the corruption?

This is where you, a police officer, must help solve the mysteries, fight the crime or worse, become part of the problem. Take to the skies or the streets city-block 303, where the other low-fi, and human A.I. forms who have remained among the citizens after the AI singularity reside.

Will you be to help solve the mysteries and fight the crime? Just be careful of the choices you make or you may fall victim to what may seem the easy way out? Find out more when Low-Fi hopefully comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…