Square Enix did what was right. They opened Square Enix Live with the game everyone wanted to see. The game we needed to see. Final Fantasy VII Freagin’ Remake. It did NOT disappoint. I was there. Blew my mind.

We got a fantastic look at gameplay with the first boss battle against the Scorpion Sentinel which revealed how the game is combining ATB combat along with a new system called Tactical mode, which gives Gamers the chance to slow things down to enable you to make better, wiser decisions on the field of battle.

I can tell you ALL about it OR you can watch this footage of it straight from the show!

If that wasn’t enough for you they also dropped another trailer, this time re-introducing TIFA TO THE WORLD!! Bruh. Tifa Remake is looking gooooood. Watch the newest trailer to see her, along with the rest of the crew, kick all kinds of glorious ass in stunning display. Seriously. Square Enix confirmed that FFVIIRemake will ship on TWO Blu-ray disc. DAMN, YO.

BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!! This is a MAJORLY MAJOR Square Enix release so of course there’s three different editions.

The Standard Edition for $59.99! Comes with the Chocobo Chick Summon materia DLC for pre-order. But come on. They know you’re not getting that version. That’s why you’ll be getting the Deluxe edition for $79.99!!

I mean LOOK AT THAT STEELBOOK CASE!!! What if the Deluxe Edition isn’t enough for you? What if..you need that Square Enix Website Exclusive 1st Class Edition?!? She’s only $329.99!!!!

March 3rd, 2020. THE Remake we’ve been asking for finally releases. Brah. ARE YOU READY?!?