During Ubisoft’s E3 press conference Watch Dogs: Legion was finally revealed and my gosh does it seem ambitious. The rumors were right, and the game is set in a very beautiful and colorful London. Brexit is happening, and it looks like the near future for London is not looking good. It’s a drone infested world, and people are trapped in cages. Time for DedSec to come in.

The game features EVERYONE as your protagonist. You are able to recruit pretty much everyone you see in the world. The gameplay video highlighted a few people you get to play as, and it seems like if they die they die for good. I love that idea! It even seems like some dialogue will be changed depending on who survives.

Along with new characters, it also looks like a lot more hacking features will be available in this game. We got a brief glimpse of one of the characters turning invisible while evading a drone. Also, you can ride a gigantic drone. How freaking cool is that!

It also showed how the gunplay is a little more refined. It kind of gave me a division-esque style to it. I think that’ll be a good thing for the game, and unlike Watch Dogs 2 it seems like having your character shoot and kill others will make sense in the story.

You can watch the reveal trailer here:

Watch Dogs: Legion is set to come out March 6th, 2020. Will DedSec be recruiting you? Oh and it has a nifty collector’s edition for people who have more money than me. Also, don’t forget to check out my review for Watch Dogs 2!