Bethesda’s press conference ended today with one of their biggest sequels currently in development: id software’s DOOM Eternal.

The new gameplay reveal trailer gave us all the brutality that the series has always offered. Chainsawing demons in half. Shoving bombs down demon’s throats. Demon slaying. Massive amounts of that. Did I mention blood? Tons of blood. Combine it all together for some mega-violence. This was pure DOOM greatness through and through.

The team also went back to the drawing boards with the multiplayer offering. ‘Battlemode’ has been described as a first-person ‘fighting game’ where one player is the DOOM Slayer vs two demons. Strategy vs skills. 3 rounds of chaotic violence.

DOOM Eternal hits on November 22nd, which has now become an extremely packed month. Will you be returning to the world of DOOM?