Project Monilith III was supposed to be a simple one. Be one of the few selected to go to Mars to help colonize it. But something, we don’t know what, but something has gone terribly wrong. The colony of 18 destroyed by the attack. Everything from the technologies, the inspirations and innovations, and even the culture is gone.

Features include:

The beginning of the survival of Mars – you must sustain your life in order to make it. So you will need to keep a check on your Oxygen, food, water, and the temperature. Let one of these life important checks go unnoticed and the health that you love will start to decrease as you will be provided with a complete planting simulation system, allowing players to grow a variety of crops, control the temperature, humidity, and water alternately in the cabin. Players can choose to be a happy farmer on Mars, watering and fertilizing plants every day, making your crop into a few side dishes and leaving all the tasks alone.

Realistic Environment – There are a series of mechanisms forcing players to leave their comfort zone. Different indicators show the players the degree of hunger, fatigue, thirst, and more. Whichever declines will directly threaten life. Energy is being consumed as long as the character is alive.
Multiple Endings – Mars Alive is a semi open-world game, it is up to the player to explore the game and experience it exactly the way he or she likes. However, it is impossible to reach the final goal by just staying in the cabin and growing the crops. Only by facing the danger and solving the troubles directly can the players truly experience the various endings in the game and uncover the truth behind the story.

Immerse Between In-Game and Reality – Mars Alive carefully integrated game time with reality, letting players experience the game on an elevated level. With a game time of eight hours which equals to a day at work, players who like a challenge can experience “A Day on Mars” if played in one session.

Explore and Collect – You just cannot be on a planet alone in order to survive. When all hope seems to be lost as things have been destroyed, explore to see if you can find oxygen tanks and food as well as keeping an eye out for any clues to be able to go back to Earth during the exploration.

Get to know the realism of Mars – In the open world of Mars Alive, our designers put lots of effort to simulate the realistic environment on Mars as possible. To clarify the environment on Mars, we have visited Mars Village in China where the space agency simulates Mars base to prepare missions to Mars, and even have email contacts with the PhD. studying planetary science in Brown University as references. Based on detailed research, you will experience not only the geographical features but also real-time transition of day & night and even the severe weather conditions on Mars.

Vehicle Driving – You will not survive on your feet alone, so explore mars with two types of vehicles. The drivable MMR (Mars Exploration Rover) will give you the range of the areas that can be explored and even has the sufficient oxygen with proper temperature in the cockpit of the vehicle with electric energy. The MER (Mars Exploration Rover) you will be able to remotely is equipped with a variety of scientific and communication instruments and its energy is supplemented by battery. You can plan a route in the console of hab for MER, you can plan the route for exploration through the console in the hab. Once the route is confirmed, it will start to mark the detected materials and resources on the map and even collect them back to you after upgrade.

Become a Mars Citizen – As the survival resources are collected, you could even obtain new items by combining them together. Some advanced items such as backpack-enhanced accessory and battery could only be crafted via 3D printer. There are several combinations waiting for you to try and craft. Besides scouting survival resources such as drinking water and energy sticks scattered around to sustain your life, as the story goes, you even can develop the self-sustained agriculture system and don’t need to be worried about hunger anymore. You can grow crops with seeds once the greenhouse in one of the space hab is activated. The vegetable need to be regularly watered and only can be harvested till they are fully ripened. Be patient and enjoy your harvest when the time has come.

My name is John and I am only one of the two that survived. If anyone can hear me, I am on Mars and I am alive. Will you be able to survive what Mars has to offer? Will you find out what was behind the attack? Find out when the sci-fi survival Mars Alive comes to PlayStation VR on June 18, 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…