Take a deep breath…breathe…because this just happened. The Blasphemous reveal trailer is full of brutality and it’s amazing. Watch as you can deal out hellish punishment on your foe and send them back to the depths in which they came from…or something along those lines. Yes Blasphemous will be dark, violent, and bloody as hell with a Metroidvania world to punish you to your core.

Blasphemous is coming soon to Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Switch. Damn can you imagine playing this bad boy on a Switch? I wouldn’t do so in public, or would I? Anyways, check out the fast and crazy brutal combat in the trailer and find out if you’re ready to jump into the world of Cvstodia and unleash hell on your enemies.

And…while you are at it you might as well dive into the first 17 minutes of the game! For those that have been waiting on this one it doesn’t disappoint.