Sony has made it known that they plan on growing their gaming empire (SIE WWS) by either acquiring studios or expanding their internal ones. This seems to be a move to counter Microsoft’s bombshells they announced at last year’s E3. Can Sony really acquire some big name studios to join the PlayStation team? I think so. Especially since a lot of the developers I’m going to list have worked closely with the PlayStation brand over the past generation. Here are some studios I believe can be on Sony’s radar to acquire:Insom.jpg

  1. Insomniac Games

I doubt this one comes to a surprise to anyone, but Insomniac Games seems to be the easiest one to name for Sony to acquire. It’s no secret at this point that Sony and Insomniac games work closely with each other and they both have benefited from their partnerships. Sony has even recently started to hire people for Insomniac Games. It’s most likely to help for the next-gen Spider-Man, but it would make sense for Insomniac to finally make its way into the PlayStation family.

Why it makes sense:

  • Long history together
  • Insomniac has made plenty of games that were different genres and most of them have been successful
  • They already make 3 exclusive franchises for PlayStation
  • Sony is hiring for them

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • Insomniac seems to want to remain independent
  • Some of their games are exclusive for other platforms

Notable games: Ratchet and Clank, Spider-Man, Resistance, Sunset Overdrive

remedy.jpg2. Remedy Games

When you dig deep into it, Remedy Games makes a lot of sense for Sony to acquire. This studio is known for third person narrative video games. It’s pretty much exactly what PlayStation games are known for as well, so it would seem that Remedy would fit really well with PlayStation ecosystem. Remedy is also making a multiplatform video game, Control, which will have exclusive content for PS4 and that may be the first stepping stone to being owned by Sony.

Why it makes sense:

  • Remedy makes games that are very similar to PlayStation’s critically acclaimed games
  • They seem to be working closely together for Control and had the game revealed at PlayStation’s E3

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • Sony doesn’t really need another studio that makes third-person action games
  • Remedy may want to continue making multiplatform games

Notable games: Alan Wake, Quantum Break, Control


3. Level-5

Level-5 is a studio known for making JRPGs. They are the minds behind White Knight Chronicles, Ni No Kuni, and Dark Cloud. They have made PlayStation exclusives for years, but they have also worked closely with Nintendo. PlayStation hasn’t made an internal RPG in a very long time, and it may just be time to purchase a company that specializes in that area.

Why it makes sense:

  • It would give PlayStation a solid RPG developer
  • Level-5 has made exclusives for years on PlayStation

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • Level-5 also releases games for Nintendo
  • Not all their games end up being critical successes
  • Ni No Kuni II has sold less than 1 million units according to VGChartz and Sony may not want to spend the money for games that don’t necessarily sell well

Notable games: Ni No Kuni, White Knight Chronicles, Dark Cloud

atlus4. Atlus (from Sega)

Just like Level 5, Atlus is known for their RPGs. While this is the most unlikely developer to get purchased by Sony, due to them being owned by Sega, money can change many things. Their biggest franchise is the beloved Persona series and it’s touted as one of the best JRPG series in the video game industry. Atlus also has made other critically acclaimed games such as Catherine, which may be one of the most unique video games I have ever played. This would be one of the bigger gets for Sony, as this would lock up one of the biggest JRPG games for good.

Why it makes sense:

  • Atlus is one of the best JRPG developers in the business
  • It would crush the rumors of Persona 5 going to Nintendo
  • Atlus already has an internal relationship with PlayStation
  • Persona 5 has sold close to 3 million units on PS4

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • Sega owns Atlus
  • Super Smash Bros has Persona 5 dlc so it seems unlikely Atlus wants to become exclusive to one brand
  • It would probably be more expensive to purchase Atlus over Level 5

Notable games: Persona, Catherine

fromlogo5. FromSoftware

If Sony were to acquire FromSoftware it would be a huge blow to PlayStation’s competitors. FromSoftware is the minds behind the souls and borne series. Everything they put out at this point is critically acclaimed and is the talk of video game twitter. I believe this is the studio Sony wishes they had not let get away last gen, but it might be time for Sony to reach deep into their wallets to fix that mistake. For those who may not know, Demon’s Souls was the very first of the highly touted souls series, and it was published by Sony in Japan. This was at the time PS3 wasn’t in every household, so it didn’t end up selling like Sony wanted it to. Sony didn’t end up publishing Demon’s Souls outside of Japan, and another publisher ended up publishing it for other regions. Their next game, Dark Souls, released on Xbox and PlayStation and saw massive success.

Why it makes sense:

  • FromSoftware has released PlayStation exclusives Demon’s Souls and Bloodborne
  • Sony knows what it’s getting if they acquire FromSoftware

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • It’s going to cost a lot of money to acquire them
  • Not everyone can stomach the painful difficulty of FromSoftware’s games
  • FromSoftware may have become too successful that it doesn’t need Sony anymore

Notable games: Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Sekiro

Housemarque_Logo6. HouseMarque

This small Finnish studio is most famously known for their twin-stick shooter games on PlayStation systems for a good reason. They were/are the masters of arcade games, and it wasn’t until recently that HouseMarque issued a statement letting the fans know that they will now start focusing on AAA games. I don’t know what the game will be, but HouseMarque definitely has the talent to deliver an excellent game. Shuhei Yoshida was seen visiting them recently, and I’m sure Sony is thinking about purchasing them. I’d bet that their next game has either exclusive content or is timed exclusive for either the PS4 or PS5. If their next game sells well or is highly rated, it would be dumb of Sony not to open their checkbooks to include them in the PlayStation family.

Why it makes sense:

  • PlayStation and HouseMarque have a very strong relationship
  • HouseMarque is probably one of the cheaper options

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • HouseMarque is still an unknown for AAA games
  • Their last couple of games didn’t sell well

Notable games: SuperStardust, Dead Nation, Resogun


7. Illfonic

If Sony wants to dabble more with multiplayer, a great and cheap option might be Illfonic. Illfonic is most famously known for Friday the 13th game, and they are now making a similar style game exclusively for PlayStation. Friday the 13th was plagued with issues, but you also have to remember this is a smaller studio that worked on multiple systems AND wasn’t sure they were even going to get the license for Friday the 13th. Now that they have Sony’s backing and are working for only one system, it will be interesting to see how Predator ends up doing when it releases. I would say I am cautiously optimistic for what they have in store for PlayStation fans.

Why it makes sense:

  • Sony wants to get more into multiplayer games
  • Illfonic would not be as expensive as these other studios
  • Illfonic has high potential to become a big studio

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • Illfonic needs to improve in their quality control (but hey Days Gone released with a bunch of bugs)
  • Illfonic isn’t a studio most people know about

Notable games: Friday the 13th


8. SuperMassive Games

The makers of Until Dawn, The Inpatient, and Hidden Agenda have quietly worked with PlayStation this entire gen. While it seemed like buying SuperMassive would be a no brainer at this point, it doesn’t seem like Sony wants to pull the trigger.  It could be that Sony saw that Until Dawn was their only successful game, but they also have to understand that the last two games were for niche (VR and PlayLink) audiences. Man of Medan is the next big release for SuperMassive, and it will be interesting to see what Sony does if it is successful. SuperMassive have made games extremely similar to Quantic Dream, and now that Quantic Dream is off the table Sony may not want to let them go. In my opinion, SuperMassive’s Until Dawn is better than anything Quantic Dream has released these last two gens, so I think it would be a big win for Sony to purchase SuperMassive while letting Quantic Dream go.

Why it makes sense:

  • Until Dawn was a big hit for the PS4
  • SuperMassive is better than Quantic Dream (imo)

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • Their last two games weren’t as good as Until Dawn
  • SuperMassive’s next big game is multiplatform
  • The genre of games they make aren’t going to be system sellers for the most part

Notable games: Until Dawn, Man of Medan, The Inpatient (VR)


9. Kojima Productions

While I think this makes sense for so many reasons, I just don’t think it’ll happen. Yes, Kojima is making a PlayStation exclusive title, but Kojima just broke away from Konami not that long ago. He seems to want freedom to do what he wants, and he deserves every bit of it. PlayStation maximalists can relish in the joy that Death Stranding is exclusive to PlayStation, but I wouldn’t bank on that staying that way.

Why it makes sense:

  • Kojima has a great relationship with PlayStation
  • Sony will give him all of the freedom he wants while giving him the resources
  • Kojima would always be a trump card at future E3s

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • Kojima left Konami because of their tyranny towards him, so I doubt he wants to go back to having a boss

Notable games: Death Stranding


10. Firesprite

This small studio isn’t the most widely known on the list, but this team was the ones that created the Wipeout series. If you know what Wipeout is, then you’ll understand that this team has a ton of experience and has a long-standing relationship with Sony. Sony could want to reunite these members after seeing critics enjoy their latest VR game The Persistence. If Firesprite continues to make good games, Sony may want to see if they can bring these developers back to the PlayStation family.

Why it makes sense:

  • The devs at Firesprite have worked on every PlayStation console
  • It would add another VR team to the first party mix

Why it doesn’t make sense:

  • Firesprite devs may not want to return to Sony
  • Sony may let them establish themselves more before purchasing them

Notable games: The Persistence, The Playroom

Who would YOU like to see join SIE WWS? Let us know in the comments below, Brah!