Ada is back on Kickstarter! This time with a goal of $12,611 and its already full steam ahead with over $4,000 pledged. From Jakub Hakiel a solo developer comes an open world pixel game that will be released on PC and consoles at a later date. Ada’s world is diverse with zones that are procedurally put together which will allow each play through to be different. The game doesn’t stop with just an awesome looking setting though. The variety of handcrafted enemies will keep you on your toes and you should be as each enemy encounter will be randomized.

Of course Ada is an action adventure RPG so combat isn’t taken likely. You can upgrade skills, obtain new combat abilities and use alchemy to create powerful potions. One of the features that sold me on Ada was that you can actually talk to NPC’s in the game. Not only does that help immerse the player in the game but it provides a good balance to go along with the story. With a cool look, great character design and its fast paced combat, Ada is definitely worth a look at on Kickstarter.

A few of the rewards include:

*Your name in the credits.

*Physical Ada Postcards.

*Physical copy of Ada art book.

*Ada T-shirt.

A few game features:

*Explore vast and cruel open world crafted pixel by pixel.

*Meet interesting characters, immerse yourself in their storylines, fulfill your promises or betray them, experience how they change as the story gets more intense.

*Brew potions and other powerful consumables, forage land for ingredients to combine into useful items.

For more on the game and its features go check it out here Ada on Kickstarter.

Do not forget to try out the playable demo of Ada on the Kickstarter page.