Today is THE DAY. Almost 3 years after being revealed at E3 2016, Hideo Kojima’s Death Stranding should finally start to make sense later today once whatever is going on over at PlayStation’s Twitch account goes live.

Will we get the first true gameplay footage of Death Stranding? One can only hope. We do know what you get when pre-ordering the game, thanks to some eagle-eyed fans!

‘Troy Kaz’ spotted the Death Stranding PlayStation Store page upon visiting the PSN digital store and quickly snagged a photo to share. Pre-order goodies include:

  • Death Stranding Dynamic theme.
  • PSN avatar (chibi ludens).
  • Golden “Sam” glasses.
  • Golden armor plate.
  • Gold hat.
  • Gold speed skeleton.

We’re not entirely sure what the hell a ‘speed skeleton’ is, but seeing as how Sam Bridges is a ‘delivery man’ of sorts, that would certainly help from getting from point A to point B faster.

While these pre-order items are NOT what we expected, hopefully it’ll all make sense later today once the Death Stranding media blowout commences.

With pre-orders going live TODAY could this really mean Death Stranding is a 2019 release? Let us know what you think in the comments below!