It’s all gone. Well it’s almost all gone. DayZ has found its way to the PlayStation 4 and while a virus has wiped out a lot of people it doesn’t mean they are all gone. With up to 60 players on one server it is a fight for survival. Other players can be hostile or they can be friendly, I think we know which one it will be. This is a survival game and you will need to plan ahead because if you die it is game over. Yep, DayZ has perma-death and you will have to start over from scratch if you fall. The game provides a crazy array of features from hunting, cooking, hostile wildlife, building bases, raiding bases, torturing players, and keeping your weapons in good working condition.

The game really does seem vast and it’s intriguing to think about how well it all works. DayZ is definitely worth a look for those that enjoy the thrill of survival games.

Will you be teaming up and battling the elements of DayZ? Or do you plan to go it alone? The choice is yours.