Generation Zero May update has now gone live and with it there will be a ton of game adjustments along with additions. Most notably is the addition of photo mode. The community has been clamoring for big changes to the game and of course photo mode would be at the top of the list as the game actually does present some wonderful views. With beautiful sunsets from a cliff side to some amazing locations like a light house located on a peninsula, it was only a matter of time before this was added.

The developers have been hard at work adding improvements and bug fixes to the game since release. I have experienced some of these already as the gameplay continues to improve. Now in order to immerse you further into the game the devs have added scenes that will provide a visual story that can be triggered by finding “set pieces”, located in the world.
What amazed me here is how much the developers listen to the community on what they want fixed.

With each new update comes a different variety of things but in each one we see the game being finely tuned. Generation Zero in the beginning was a good game with some annoying bugs but one of the biggest issues was it felt a tad empty at times. Playing with friends of course helped fill the void but if you were flying solo it just didn’t hold your attention. The developer heard this and are currently working on ways to fill that void. For instance with the new update there will be an intro to the first island.

This is great news as it was odd the game just kind of started with no real story as to what is going on. You as the player of course figure out more as you progress but an intro will do wonders.

Some of the new fixes:
*Sound improvement
*Loot balancing
*Location loot counters

For all the improvements and fixes check it out here Generation Zero May Update.

Check out my initial review on the game before the fixes here Generation Zero Co-op review.

With all the new additions and fixes coming hopefully we’ll see the storage container soon that everyone wants added.