Today during AMD’s Computex 2019 event AMD’s President and CEO Lisa Su re-confirmed what we already knew from’s PS5 “reveal”. That the PS5 will be powered by their NAVI GPU and Ryzen “Zen 2” GPU. What we didn’t know is that it’ll use the newly revealed RDNA architecture instead of the GCN making it even more powerful than what we already knew.

Some of the crazy benefits of using RDNA as compared to GCN:

  • 1.5x performance-per-watt
  • 1.25 performance-per-clock improvement over previous architecture
  • New compute unit design – improved efficiency and increased IPC
  • Multi-level cache hierarchy – reduced latency, higher bandwidth, lower power
  • Streamlined graphics pipeline – optimized for performance-per-clock and high clock speeds

AMD will soon be holding yet another event at E3 to talk even more about their upcoming technology. The PlayStation Brahs will be there to give you any potential new information on the upcoming next-gen PlayStation!