With each year games come and go with some being major hits while others make us wonder why they were even made. Titles like God of War, Spider-man, Red Dead Redemption 2 all had the hype train going full throttle with the promotions of their game and with good reason. It isn’t a shock when a big studio creates something amazing or just a well-made game. It is more of a shock when a major title flops but even then it gets all the attention it needed leading up to the release date. Sometimes the smaller studios fly under the radar with their hits and this can be anything from promotion failures to lack of interest. Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden (The Bearded Ladies) and A Plague Tale: Innocence (Asobo Studios) are prime examples of games that can take the gaming community by storm.

Perhaps you had a singular thought that the game might do well but it’s safe to say not many knew they would do as well as they did. There are plenty of games to go around in a calendar year and there will always be those gems that fall through the cracks. However, it is always fun to speculate what the next hit might be that we didn’t see coming. So here are seven games that have the potential to be one of those games.

Beyond Blue

Developer: E-Line Media

Release date: 2019

The title Beyond Blue is tackling a serious issue in present day in a video game that should garner plenty of attention. Set in the near future you will be immersed in the beautiful setting of the ocean and all that it has to offer. Play as Mirai, the lead of a newly formed research team that is trying to understand the impact we have on the ocean. Influenced by BBC’s Blue Planet II and partnered with to craft a world around you as real as possible. The game shows off how beautiful it is going to be in the trailer and being able to explore, make meaningful decisions with a narrative experience has us all eager to play this one. Not only could this game educate some of us but it should open eyes to just how amazing the ocean really is.

Moons of Madness

Developer: Rock Pocket Games

Release Date: Halloween 2019

Here comes Moons of Madness a First-person cosmic horror game mixing Mars exploration with Lovecraft by an Independent developer out of Tonsberg, Norway. Play as Shane Newehart a crew member of a research group deployed on Mars. Shane is on Mars to try and answer some of the age old questions like, are we really alone in the universe? While for the most part things seem normal on the planet it is only a matter of time before the isolation and supernatural occurrences cause Shane to question his own sanity. With the fear of losing control it is up to you to keep it together in a faraway world.

Adding the fuel to the fire so to speak is H.P Lovecraft’s dark and horror elements that should provide plenty of scary moments. The title looks fantastic and if done properly using the mind bending techniques of Lovecraft should provide for one hell of an experience. Who doesn’t enjoy all things involving the red planet?

The Sojourn

Developer: Shifting Tides

Release Date: 2019

The Sojourn is a story about light and darkness in a thought provoking first-person puzzle game. Here you will travel between parallel worlds where you must open your eyes to uncover the hidden truth. This title has been on our radar for quite some time not only because of how amazing the game looks but for its emotional value as well. The balance between what is reality and what isn’t appears to be a thin line in The Sojourn and honestly it couldn’t look any better. The world built in this game provides a beautiful backdrop and a mysterious tale that is surely to have many hooked.


Developer: Red Blue Games

Release Date: Fall 2019

Sparklite is an action-adventure game set in a whimsical and ever changing land. Does that grab your attention? I thought it would. Now perhaps you are thinking this game doesn’t fit the traditional mold of games that are capable of surprising us. I would just say hold on a dang minute. Same could have been said for Moonlighter and look how fantastic that game turned out to be. Sparklite claims to be “an inventive twist on classic action adventure” and this just might be a true statement. Play as Ada, a genius engineer who is ship wrecked in a foreign land as you battle enemies and take down titans of the mining industry in order to save the Sparklite.

There will be plenty of nay-sayers but the pixel art and gameplay appear to be top-notch. The procedurally generated world gives the game a fresh play through each time and armed with gadgets, guns, along with tinkering elements this dungeon brawler is going to pack a punch (Deep breath). There is so much to like about the title it is hard to imagine it not being successful.

The Sinking City

Developer: Frogwares

Release Date: June 27, 2019

The Sinking City is another game that uses the visions of H.P Lovecraft and the horrors it can dish out on the mind. Set in the 1920s, war veteran Charles W. Reed searches for the cause of Oakmont’s unrelenting flooding and the uptick in tourists who are visiting because of terrifying visions. It wasn’t terrifying visions that drew me to this game rather the investigative nature of it. Having an open-world game that plays off of your decisions and how well you can step into the shoes of an investigator is not only intriguing but exhilarating as well. Reconstructing crime scenes and putting clues together all while dealing with losing your sanity is a staple of H.P Lovecraft style games but damn if this one doesn’t look amazing.

Diving deep within the mind can sometimes be tricky (Just ask the Devs of Call of Cthulhu) but if done right it can take you on one hell of a ride. With a dark tone and a city in dire need of help, it will be up to Mr. Reed to fight off the madness and solve the mystery before the entire city perishes.

Sea of Solitude

Developer: Jo-Mei Games

Release Date: 2019

Sea of Solitude is admittedly a title that has dumbfounded me with the lack of attention. Not only does the game appear to be amazing but the story of Kay a young woman, exploring an abandoned submerged city to find out why she has turned into a monster is an incredible way to look at mental health issues. We have seen some games recently tackle this issue (Celeste) and it can certainly lead to high praise. Enter my shock of why people are not talking about this game. The visuals are wickedly bad ass and the story is bound to take us on an emotional journey. We all love a good story but pack that full of emotional events and Sea of Solitude will lead to a Sea of Awards.

Atomic Heart

Developer: Mundfish

Release Date: 2019

Explosions! Weird looking machines! Uh…weird looking liquids floating in the air! Weirdness! Okay I think that sums up what we know about Atomic Heart. Developer Mundfish has released some pretty tantalizing trailers of the game so far and even a ten minute gameplay video. Yet, we are still left wondering what in the hell is going on. Alright perhaps this is an exaggeration now but at the time of the first couple of videos released it left many of us with a puzzled look on our face. Now we know this is basically an alternate reality of the USSR and the what if certain events didn’t take place. For example what if milk before cereal people didn’t exist. I’m kidding of course. This alternate universe is set during the high noon of the Soviet Union and you play as special agent P-3. The government has went radio silent and it’s up to you to figure out what is going on and restore the peace.

I am not sure if I’ve ever seen a game that was so bizarre and almost impossible to look away from. The life like graphics and craziness of the character models in the game should be a thrill for all those seeking imagination. Simply put this game looks out of this world amazing and anything short of that would be a letdown. You can pre-order the game right now on their website.

Here is the cinematic trailer.

And here is the 10-Minute gameplay footage.

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