While Sony dropped plenty of information regarding the PlayStation 5 in their soft reveal via Wired.com, there is still plenty we do NOT know Theabout. Two info drops today have revealed more details.

  • PlayStation is “enhancing” their relationships with 3rd party developers to ensure that PlayStation is still the best place to play in the future.
  • The PS5 will support physical copies, digital, and streaming. Their aim is to give Gamers the choice as to how they want to play their games.
  • “Anywhere, anytime, without disconnections” was the moto used by Sony’s CEO.
  • The PS5 will have “dramatically increased graphics rendering speeds”.
  • Remote Play will play a factor in the PS5 and in PlayStation gaming in general, resulting in Gamers playing their games even if it’s not on a PlayStation console.
  • Sony showcased the power of the PS5 when compared to the PS4 Pro with shockingly fast footage of Marvel’s Spider-Man.
  • PlayStation Now will be strengthened with more major titles and improved performance and aims to be a major part of the PS5.
  • Streaming, cloud, and 5G technologies will help improve the PlayStation experience going forward.
  • Backwards compatibilty will help leverage users to the PS5, fast and seamlessly.

If you missed the original PS5 ‘reveal’, enjoy all this glorious information to get you excited for the next generation of PlayStation gaming!