Last week major gaming news broke when the partnership between Sony and Microsoft was announced by both parties. The two major gaming entities have joined forces to further advance cloud gaming solutions for Gaming and Content Creators. Sony will eventually begin using Windows Azure servers for their online infrastructures while Sony will share with Microsoft their image sensors to help with building new semiconductors for Microsoft’s AI tools in Azure.

If a new report by Bloomberg is correct, Gamers weren’t the only group to be surprised by these moves, as it appears that negotiations between the two companies began a year ago without any of the PlayStation/SIE team knowing of these talks. When the news broke an Anonymous source claims that Managers had to calm workers and assure them that plans for the company’s next-generation console weren’t affected, said the people, asking not to be identified discussing private matters.

While I certainly don’t know the nitty gritty regarding cloud infrastructures, it looks like it might have been a struggle for Sony to ultimately keep up with the big dogs like Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. They currently use Amazon Web Services for their online gaming and it seems the two sides wanted to continue doing so yet after a year of negotiations, things fell apart between the two. It should also be noted that Amazon has plans for their own cloud gaming service.

It hasn’t all been doom and gloom for Sony, as Bloomberg also reported that Sony stocks jumped 9.9% last week AND that the company will begin buying back 4.8% of their outstanding stocks. Investors are applauding Sony for thinking about the future of the company in the ever-changing landscape of eletronics.

What do you think, Brahs? Did Sony do with the right thing with this historic partnership? Let us know your feelings in the comments below!