Imagine your parents working at a university that suddenly the horrors that have appeared has some how drawn you in closer than you would have liked. Playing as Marcus Pitt, the only thing you know that you must do is find your parents at this university. But how will you handle the truth that is portrayed or is their a deeper truth that you know in your soul? But in order for you to get the answers you seek, you will need to investigate the horrors that lie within the corridors of this university and hopefully be strong enough to survive.

Features include:

  • Immersive survival horror experience – How will you handle what you don’t know where enemies come from the darkness and the darkness from the enemies?
  • Replay value – Three difficulty modes to challenge not only your skills, but your strength in VR horror. 
  • Keep low and quiet – Stealth is the key to survival and sometimes that survival plays tricks on your mind where your not as quiet as you should be!
  • Explore – Find items, resources, and collectibles to uncover every secret that you can discover.
  • Hear that?! – An atmospheric soundtrack and ambient sounds that will make your blood run cold. (So make sure you play with the lights out)
  • Backtrack – Unlock additional parts of the map…if you can survive. Your exploration will be rewarded!
  • Horrifyingly deadly enemies – Each one is different, so make sure you know what you’re doing before you approach them. But we all know you will probably go in with the I got this attitude, just know you have been warned.

So what will the truth really show? Will the answers that you seek, be the ones that you really want to know? Will you be able to survive or is the path that you go down, already has the ending chosen for you? Find out when Follia – DearFather comes to PlayStation and PlayStation VR in 2019.

Until then…please enjoy…