If a war was to break out, would you be able to stigmatize in order to become victorious or would your lack of knowledge lead to your downfall? Imagine having control of almost anything at your fingertips from jeeps to tanks to aircraft all ready to follow your command. Will your airstrikes take out the enemy or will the enemy take out your air strikes? If it came to soldier vs soldier, did you put the right amount in the correct location?

Features include:

  • Campaign Mode – Take control of every commander in the game and lead them through a dynamic story that spans multiple engagements across a sprawling map of the East European countryside. Weather, combat conditions and enemy forces will all take their toll against you as you rally to make your way to a thrilling conclusion.
  • Axis & Allies – The unstoppable Axis war machine drives directly into the immovable wall of Allied defenses. Explore tactics and strategies using divisions from both sides that give you access to US and German units as you try to destroy your enemy and claim victory for your side!
  • Cross platform PVP – Every system from Oculus to Vive to PSVR is available for players to command their armies and battle their friends and enemies alike. It doesn’t matter what your controllers look like, you can still command the same tanks and bombers!

War can be tough. Will you have more casualties or will you be the one to become victorious in battle? Find out when Final Assault comes to PlayStation VR.

Until then…please enjoy…