While Sony’s latest ‘State of Play’ presentation wasn’t the longest showing in the world, it was definitely sweet. One game that definitely caught our eye was AWAY: The Survival Series from Developer Breaking Walls. Comprised of Gaming industry vets, the team aims to give Gamers a deeper experience with AWAY:TSS.

Releasing on the PS4 and PC in (TBA) 2020, AWAY:TSS is a 3rd-person adventure game that has you outlasting the elements as a Sugar Glider. Planet Earth is being ravaged by catastrophic storms that you must survive as one of nature’s ‘sweetest’ marsupials.

One thing you’ll definitely notice first is the rich, detailed graphics of AWAY:TSS. The team was nice enough to share with us some gorgeous screenshots showing off the world of the game. As you journey on your quest to survive you’ll face off against snakes, scorpions, giant spiders, and more as nature also has the same goals in mind: survival no matter what it takes!

AWAY: The Survival Series is on our hot list of 2020 titles and we hope that you will take an interest in the game as well. We’re still arguing over what nickname the team is going to give the Sugar Glinder!

For more information regarding developer Breaking Wall make sure to visit their official website. You can also like the official AWAY Facebook page/ or follow them on Twitter. Of course, we here at The PlayStation Brahs will keep you updated as the game moves closer to launch!