Meet Effie the 3D action- adventure on PlayStation 4 byInverge Studios. This game reminds me of Portal Knights with its look and old school feel. Here you play as Galand who unfortunately for him has been cursed by a witch and is now suffering from premature old age. Yikes! In the region of Oblena, Galand will face evil creatures that he must defeat in order to regain his youth from the witch. Along the way you must solve puzzles and surf across the lands on a magic shield. No seriously you get to surf with a shield…just go watch the trailer and find out for yourself.


  • Enjoy a new adventure with the gameplay of classic action-adventure games.
  • Use your skills to get past platforming challenges and reach secret areas.
  • Fight and improve your magical shield to defeat all the evil enemies living in the Red Plains of Oblena.
  • Solve the puzzles with a classic touch that you will find in the different environments of the game.
  • Explore the huge Red Plains of Oblena and set free the settlements with no loading screens.
  • Get past the settlements in a non-linear way, in the order you want.
  • Use the powerful magical shield Runestone as your only weapon and tool. Transform it to fight, defend yourself and travel with it.
  • Travel at a great speed through the Red Plains of Oblena by surfing on your magical shield.
  • Collect all the collectibles around the Red Plains and its towns.
  • Listen to how the OST accompanies you throughout the adventure.

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