Days Gone Update 1.08 is LIVE; Here’s All the Details

Days Gone fans have wait patiently since Update 1.07 hoping that the next major patch would fix some of the more major bugs and glitches that many players have encountered while traversing the Farewell Wilderness.

Coming in at 596MB, Update 1.08 is now LIVE and brings with it plenty of updates and changes!

Behold Update 1.08:

Progression Issues

  • Fixed an issue where players wouldn’t be able to save, fast travel, or pause after triggering the cinematic to “I’ve Had Better Days”
  • Fixed the issue that prevented players from completing ”Afraid of a Little Competition?”. Players may need to move as far back to where the Bounty Collector Merchant resides and return to the mission objective to trigger the cinematic
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to complete “Searching For Lisa”. Players that were impacted will now see the Mission Complete screen

General Fixes

  • Overall improvements have been made to streaming and performance
  • Audio desync issue during cinematics have been resolved
  • Auto-save function will now save the correct number of saves to your save cloud account
    • With this update, we did not delete any of your current auto-saves. You can go into (Settings) > [Application Saved Data Management] > [Auto-Upload] to manage your auto-saves for Days Gone
    • The game should no longer crash when attempting to overwrite the oldest auto-save
  • Patch updates now retain your Difficulty settings
  • Fixed various bugs and miscellaneous crashes

The team at Bend Studio plans on releasing less Updates, instead increasing focus on making each one more impactful to the overall performance of Days Gone for Gamers.

Are you still playing Days Gone? Share some of your favorite moments in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “Days Gone Update 1.08 is LIVE; Here’s All the Details

  1. Having tons of fun with Days Gone…
    Many more scare jumps than Tlou… graphics are incredible, fire a gigantic openworld game, with tons of tiny details everywhere. ..riding the motorbike is a great pleasure. ..the progression system is great, skill tree well done…very short loading times ..when most games require 20..30..40 seconds to load a level, or a section…the gunplay feels great, in slowmo, it’s a pleasure to aim and shot enemies…dialogs are great, with over 10 different audio languages, the 3 or 4 i know, sound amazing. ..

    No way days gone is a 3/10 game… no way.

    Unfortunately, as usual, reviewers focused their reviews on the 3% negative aspects, and ignored the 97% positive.

    In The order 1886, suddenly, everybody was hating the qte’s !
    Driveclub… hard to connect online, the first days.. reviewers destroyed the game
    Etc etc etc

    Days gone… audio during cgi out of sync –> OMG, it’s unacceptable!
    A few framedrops while riding the motorbike –> OMG, it’s a major disaster, the human species are in danger!
    The map is big –> OMG, the game is too long, we don’t need all those factions and territories!
    Hordes of freekers are too big–> OMG, it’s too hard, 300 enemies, it should be 50 max !

    the fun part: gamers will ignore the press reviews, and the game is selling like crazy, digital and physical.

    Pro-xbox press.. try harder, next time, give only a 1/10 to Days Gone 2…. maybe gamers will listen.

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