Yo ho ye scoundrel of the sea, is it treasure you seek or does ye crave pirate domination of the high seas? Climb aboard your massive battleship and wield the ancient arts of magic as war is what ye will engage in.

Features include:

Powerful Ultimates & Abilities: Become Diego, Rev, Calavera, or Zhang
and channel ancient art of magic for special and ultimate attacks only recalled from tall tales that have been told. Unleash all mighty tsunamis, send your enemies’ ships flying in stormy maelstroms, and get ready to release the Kraken.

Solo, Co-op, and PVP modes: Go at it alone or along with a mate.

Navigate an epic chapter story: Can you discover the ancient seat of power alone or will you trust the one that has the same desire of power as you and work together or will ye embrace that pirate’s life in free for all PVP deathmatch?

Warships: Fully armed and upgradable warships based weapons draw the inspiration from naval battles of both the real and imagined. Command flak cannons, ballistae, axe throwers and more.

Player progression: From the luxury of your quarters, spend the gold that ye stole, I mean earned from the matches to boost ye ship’s stats and arsenal as well as leveling up ye own Pirate Lord skills and abilities to help turn the tide in ye’s favor.

No seasickness: Ye can’t be the pirate ye was meant to be if ye gets sick on the sea can ye?

So is ye willing to take the pirates oath? Remember, dead men, tell no tales. Find out if your tale will be told when Battlewake comes to PlayStation VR.

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In case you missed the trailer…please enjoy…