As I traverse the internet to fill my mind with more games there are times when I come across projects that dig deep into my heart. I know you think perhaps that is a dramatic statement or maybe even taking it a bit too far. I say nay, that is not the case when it comes to how I feel about certain video games. Yes there are times when my heart jumps in way before it should but that doesn’t mean I do not feel the way I stated.

Recently I was fortunate enough to come across a game called MidKnight Story by Mattia Ciurlino a story driven action adventure RPG set in a steampunk and fantasy open world.

Here in the archipelago of Numia, Paran wields a powerful shapeshifting sword and a pistol that will help him defeat his enemies. The sword called Durindana is where the story begins and is capable of unlocking the mysteries outside of the town in the forgotten lands. Paran is free to explore and scavenge the world of Numia in 360 degrees all while discovering, defeating enemies and gaining experience that will help him further his adventure.

Not only does MidKnight Story look impressive with its visuals and feel full with lore but the music and sounds are fantastic. It even has a guest artist Emi Evans a vocalist who has been featured in Nier Automata, Dark Souls Saga and Drakengard 3.

The game is packed full of features.

*Dynamic Day Night Cycle

*Interact with people & objects

*Upgrade sword to unlock new abilities

*Gain XP to level up and improve Paran’s stats

*Earn rare treasures

*Explore & loot an open world

*Ear gear, collect ammunition and potions

MidKnight Story is an all or nothing campaign with a goal of $50,433 and is currently almost halfway funded.

Some of the rewards include.

*Name featured in credits

*Beta access

*Digital copy of the game

*Digital wallpaper

*PDF Artwork booklet

*Alpha Access

*Steelbook Edition

*Name an island of MidKnight Story’s world

*Honorary in-game Epitaph

MidKnight Story’s first stretch goal is to bring the game to the PS4 and I’m hopeful it can reach that goal. The artwork and characters of the game have blown me away so this is one I will keep a close eye on.

You can find out complete details about the campaign here MidKnight Story on Kickstarter.